Fourth Lesson

Fourth Lesson (4)
Welcome to Pittsburgh – Mireseerdhet ne Pitsburg

– Good afternoon, Mr. Jackson, welcome
to the offices of Heinz Ketchup.
Miredita, z. Xhekson, mireseerdhet ne zyrat e Hajnc Kecap.
– Thank you very much. It’s nice to be
Shume faleminderit. Eshte bukur te jesh ketu.
– Is this your first trip to Pittsburgh?
Eshte ky udhetimi i pare ne Picburg?

– Yes, first time in Pennsylvania, in fact.
Po, ne fakt, hera e pare ne Pensilvani.
– Where are you from?
Nga jeni?
– Boise, Idaho.
Nga Buaiz, Ajdaho.
– Oh, the home of the potato.
Oh, shtepia e patates.
– Yes sir, French fries and ketchup, what a
Po zoteri, patate te skuqura dhe kecap, cfare kombimini.

Exercise – Ushtrim
This is my first visit to Pittsburgh.
Kjo eshte vizita ime e pare ne Picburg.
Welcome to the home of French fries.
Mire se vini ne shtepine e patateve te skuqura.
It’s nice to be here.
Eshte kendshem te jesh ketu.
Is this your first trip to Idaho?
Udhetimi i pare eshte ky ne Ajdaho?
Yes, sir, my first time, in fact.
Po zoteri, ne fakt kjo eshte hera ime e pare.
Good afternoon.
Welcome to the offices of Ford in Idaho.
Mire se vini ne zyrat e Ford-it ne Ajdaho.


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