If the verb ends with -e then we add only -d
e.x decide – decided.
            N.q.s: folja mbaron me –e atehere shtojme vetem –d   
            p.sh: decide – decided.

If the verb ends with -y and before the -y there is a consonant, than the -y becomes -i and we add th -ed suffix.e.x.  study –studied BUT play – played
            N.q.s:  folja mbaron me –y  dhe para y-se ka bashketingellore, atehere y-ja kthehet ne –idhe shtojmë mbaresen –ed.  

P.sh:  study –studied ndersa play – played (ka zanore perpara y-se)

If the verb ends only in a consonant an before there is only a  vowel which is stressed, than the last letter is doubled.  e.x. stop –stopped, permit – permitted, BUT pilot-pilotet

            N.q.s: folja mbaron vetem me nje bashketingellore dhe para saj ka vetem nje zanore e cila eshte e theksuar, atehere germa e fundit dyfishohet.  
P.sh: stop –stopped, permit – permitted, ndersa  pilot-pilotet (nuk theksohet ne rrokjen e fundit)


When the verb ends with -x then the letter x is not doubed when we add the suffic -ed.
e.x mix – mixed, fix-fixed.
             a)     Kur folja mbaron me shkronjen –x atehere shkronja nuk dyfishohet kur shtojme mbaresen –ed.  P.sh: mix – mixed, fix-fixed.
When the verb ends with -l and before there is only one vowel.
             b)     Kur mbraron me –l  dhe para saj ka vetëm nje zanore:
1.       travel – travelled (British English –  anglishtja britanike)
2.      travel – traveled (American English – anglishtja amerikane)

When the verb ends with -c then we and the suffix -ked e.x  panic-panicked, traffic –trafficked.

             c)      Kur mbaron me –c atehere shtojme mbaresen –ked.
             p.sh: panic-panicked, traffic –trafficked.

Pronunciation rules with suffix -ed
Rregulla  shqiptimi  me mbaresen  -ed
When the verb end with the t or d sound the -ed is pronounced -id
1)      Kur folja mbaron me tingull /t ose /d mbaresa –ed shqiptohet ­–id.
            decide-decided, want-wanded, add-added
When the verb ends with consonant sound  /ch /  f/ k/ p/  s/ x/ the suffix id pronounced t
2)     Kur mbaron me tingull bashketingellor /ch (ç)/  f/ k/ p/  s/ x/ mbaresa shqiptohet t
            box-boxed, dress-dressed, walk-walked, hope-hoped
When the verb ends with anyother sound is pronounced d
3)     Kur mbaron me cfaredolloj tingulli tjeter shqiptohet d
            open –opened, love – loved  

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