Sixth Lesson

Sixth Lesson (6)
What Kind of Work do you Do? – Cfare lloji pune beni?

– What kind of work do you do?
Cfare lloji pune beni?
– I am looking for a job.
Po kerkoj pune.
– What do you do?
Cfare beni?

– I work for an unemployment agency.
Une punoj per nje agjensi pune/papunesie.
– How’s business?
Si vete puna?
– We’re busy all the time.
Jeni gjithe kohes te zene.
– I am still looking for a job!
Akoms jam duke kerkuar pune!

Exercise – Ushtrim
What kind of work do you do?
Cfare lloj pune beni?
I’m looking for Bill.
Po kerkoj Billin.
I work for the post office.
Une punoj ne poste.
I am still looking for Mr. Jackson.
Akoma po kerkoj per z. Xhekson.
She is busy all the time.
Ajo eshte gjithe kohes e zene.


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  1. hyemete

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