Third Lesson

Third Lesson (3)
At the Post Office – Ne poste

– Good morning, ma’am.
Miremengjez, zonje.
– Morning. I’d like to send this letter to
Miremengjez. Do te doja ta dergoja  kete leter ne Paris.
– France or Texas?
Ne France apo Teksas?

– France of course! My daughter lives
Sigurisht ne France! Vajza ime jeton atje.
– Here’s a stamp.
Urdheroni nje pulle.
– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.
Ska gje.

Exercise – Ushtrim
Good moming, sir.
Miremengjesi, zoteri.
Here’s a letter.
Urdheroni nje leter.
Thank you, ma’am.
Faleminderi, zonje.
I’d like a stamp.
Do te doja nje pulle.
My daughter lives in Texas.
Vajza ime jeton ne Teksas.
You’re welcome.
Ska gje. (Mireseerdhet)
Of course.


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