Free online auto-didactic English course for the beginners. The FOLLOW ME show is a program with explanations in Albanian with Albanian professors This TV show has been a hit at the ’90 for the English language all over the world. It is especially good for Albanian living in England and for those who want to learn this language in British accent.

Kurs falas online i anglishtes pa mesues ne televizion per nivelin fillestar.Emisioni Follow Me me shpjegim ne shqip me pedagoge shqiptare, Ky emision televiziv ka qene nje program shume i suksesshem ne vitet 90 per mesimin e e gjuhes angleze ne mbare boten. Eshte vecanerisht i mire per shqiptaret ne Angli dhe per ata qe duan ta mesojne anglishten me theks britanik.

Good start and follow me!

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