In time – Ne kohe


This time I am bringing to you a great movie. What really meatters in life….
and that is time. There is a great concept in this movie, in which we should learn to treat our time (our life actually) as the most valuable thing, in this movie time is everything, time is money, cost money, time is life and costs life. Enjoy!!!

Kesaj here po ju sjell nje film te bukur. Cfare me te vertete ka vlere ne jete…
dhe ajo eshte koha. Eshte nje koncept fantastik ne kete film, ne te cilin duhet te mesojne te vleresojme kohen (faktikisht jeten) si gjene me te cmuar, ne kete film koha eshte cdo gje, koha eshte para, kushton para, koha eshte jete dhe te kushton jeten. Shikim te kendshem!

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