Simple Future Tense shows an action that will take place once in the future. It is formed with auxilary verb will. Sometimes we use SHALL in the first person in singular and plural and we use it in questions, suggestions, anf offers. 
e.x. Shall we go by train?  or  Shall I help you?

Simple  Future tregon nje veprim qe ka per t’u bere nje here ne te ardhmen. Formohet me foljen ndihmese will (do te) Will perdoret njelloj ne te gjitha vetat. Ndonjehere perdorim shall per veten e pare te numrit njejes dhe shumes. Shall perdoret ne pyetje,  per sygjerime, per oferta.
P. sh. Shall we go by train? A te shkojme me tren? Pra bejme nje sygjerim.
Shall I help you? A t’ju ndihmoj? Oferte

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Deftore                     Pyetese                                 Mohore
I will look.                 Will I look?                           I will not look.
You will look.                       Will you look?                      You will not look.
He will look.             Will he look?                                    He will not look.
=   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =

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